Featured New Products for 2016-17


Olson “Vapor” Round Colored Fiberlite

The Vapor has a free moving 360 degree pivoting head The Fibrelite  handles come in 1 1/8" diameter only. Features the new Olson Glacier Pad.


Olson Women’s “JILL ReVive” Black – Opaque-Poly Split

Olson's ReVive series curling shoes feature black leather uppers with grey accents,  available in Plain (double grippers), or with Opaque-Poly Split,  1/16" Split or 1/8" Flex Perimeter sliders. Left handed and plain available in FULL SIZES ONLY


Performance Signature w/ SPIDER HEAD

NEW! THE SPIDER maximizes sweeping effectiveness by applying maximum pressure across the whole pad. The spider shape distributes sweeping pressure across the entire head. Comes with WCF approved for competition yellow pad.


Goldline FiberLite W/ AIR HEAD

New!  Wow, a lite brush with a lite price,  very impressive,  lighter than many $160 brushes! Fiberlite curling broom handles are a composite with high strength to weight ratio. Honeycomb construction of all new Air Head along with advanced materials reduces weight, optimizes strength and durability Comes with  Air Elite Pad in a variety of colours. The Air Head will also be compatible with the all new Air Pro pad, which has been designed and tested to ensure it conforms with WCF curling broom specifications. The Air Pro pad has already been submitted to the WCF for certification and is expected to gain approval in late 2016. Plum Crazy and Pink Champagne are available in 1" handle size only.  


Olson GR8 pad

The Olson GR8 replacement pad. Last longer than standard replacement pads,  fits most oval head brushes. In our opinion "the best replacement pad for recreational use" Does not meet latest WCF "elite play" standards.  


Goldline AIR Elite PAD

The Air Pad is designed as a fabric over foam and weighs a mere 15 grams. One seventh of the weight of conventional pads. Pad replacement simply involves pulling up on the tab to remove the old pad, then press another into place. It's that easy. Works exclusively with the all new Air Head from Goldline Curling. Air Elite Pads are designed to conform with WCF specifications in regards to size, foam and performance specifications. They even feature the same type of fabric specified by the WCF,  in a variety of non-approved colours.  


Olson Shooter Delivery Stick

Olson's Delivery Stick, The Shooter! Complete with a fiberglass handle.


Olson Women’s “JILL NeoSport” Pink

Olson's NeoSport series curling shoes feature light-weight Mesh & Neoprene Uppers with Velcro Heel Fit Strap, available in  1/16" Split or 1/8" Flex Perimeter or 1/4" Flex Perimeter sliders. Right Handed Only.


Olson “Vapor” Round 1 1/8″ CFX Carbon Fiber

The Vapor CFX has a free moving 360 degree pivoting head The new CFX Carbon Fibre  handles come in 1 1/8" diameter only. Features the GR8 Legal Pad.

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