Introducing the BalancePlus LiteSpeed Brush

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Available October 2015


Introducing BalancePlus LiteSpeed and EQ+
The average curler sweeps with a stroke rate of 3 strokes per second.  The pros are at about 5 strokes per second.  So the pros have 67% more influence on curling shots.

 But now there’s a fix for that.

 BalancePlus Curling EQuipment is proud to announce the release of our new curling brush that is the lightest and fastest as well as scientifically proven to be the most effective; LiteSpeed.

 BalancePlus have been busy working with some of the world’s best sweepers (Kennedy, Hebert, Laing, Savill) to increase stroke rate for everyone; first by designing a lighter patented tapered handle and then a lighter compact head; to create the lightest broom; weighing a feather-like 295 grams. The next lightest broom is 40% heavier.

The goal in faceplate design is maximum heat generation with the least ice/pebble damage.

Too Much friction = not enough speed
Too little friction = not enough heat

 Some companies use ribs in their faceplates to make them easier to push but they damage the pebble and wear out quickly.  Other companies have a thin layer of plastic above the cloth but they wear the top off the pebble. With both types; the heat generated quickly dissipates.

 Introducing EQ+

  • It uses a new fabric that makes it easier to increase stroke rate during maximum down pressure
  • Inside there’s the patented EQ insulator that keeps the heat gained on the ice where it’s needed
  • It doesn’t damage or flatten pebble like other heads.  It polishes on top and around pebble heads and that helps to preserve the ice.

Try BalancePlus LiteSpeed and see for yourself that you too can sweep like a pro, make more shots, and win more games.

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