Approved Brush Pads – Update

Well it has been and interesting season when in comes to Curling “in the news” –  the great broom debate has been front and centre that past few weeks.   Tough to see the players and teams going head to head on the issues.   Finally it looks like things are settling down and the WCF and Curling Canada have  shown some direction (no pun intended) to this whole issue.   It will be interesting to see what comes next,   now that it looks like the sweeping technique has as much or more to do with the brushing issue than the brush pad themselves.

If you have been living under a rock and didn’t hear about the Moratorium  you can read the Curling Canada information here:

Here is the current list of approved brush pads…

We have these “Compliant” pads in stock for in-store or online purchase

Balance Plus EQ
Balance Plus – “older models”
Goldline Norway Pad
Hardline IcePad – fabric inverted without plastic insert
Hardline Tour Elite without plastic insert
Olson Opti
Performance TX
Performance – “older models”
Warthog – woven side
Hair brushes – various brands




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