Ready to Rock the 2017-18 Season

Most of our stock is in and we are ready to rock the 2017-18 season!   Retail store now open regular hours.

We have some great new products to share with you,  we are excited to offer these new products to you this season.  Here are some of our favourite new items:

Olson Women’s JESSELLE Pant – all of our women customers seem to really love the fit of this pant,   stop in our store and try them on,  we think you will be very impressed.

Goldline FIBERLITE W/AIR HEAD brush –  this brush is probably the best value for the price,  or if you want to spend a little more it is also available in Carbon Fibre (even lighter).   It also has a WCF approved brush pad available for the serious players. Already in use by Teams – Homan, Jones, Muirhead, Jacobs and more on the tour.

Goldline G50 VELOCITY curling shoesMens & Womens – you seen tour players in the past switching to light-weight cross-trainer style shoes,  well,  Goldline has answered the call and released this awesome and light curling shoe.  Also available with a mid-range slider speed at an even better price (G50 Breeze)!  Check them out.

Performance Signature SPIDER HEAD – Performance Brush changed the sweeping world when they first introduced the original oval pad brush.  Since then,  many manufacturers have released similar products.  Performance has just released the new SPIDER HEAD,  with the design based on scientific studies of sweeping weight distribution.  It has been approved for use under the WCF sweeping rules.

These are some of our favourite new products,  but we have many more.  Stop in our retail store or check out our website for all of our products.


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