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What does “OUTPUT READY” mean?  “OUTPUT READY” is a term used in the printing industry meaning that the art file/s sent is from a technical standpoint, READY TO PRINT. When received, “OUTPUT READY” one color or multi-color  art files should not require any changes or corrections on our part. Here are our guidelines for submitting useable “OUTPUT READY” one color or multi-color art files.   PREFERRED: VECTOR ART that has been created in Adobe Illustrator-Version CS6 or newer (We cannot except files from other vector based programs).

  • Art created in Adobe Illustrator must be saved as AI, EPS, PDF, or SVG file format.
  • Vector Resolution: N/A (Vector Art is Resolution Independent).
  • All fonts must be converted to curves/outlines.
  • Reference-please include JPEG/s of your design/s for reference use (only).

ACCEPTABLE: Adobe Photoshop-Version CS6 or newer

  • Art created in Adobe Photoshop must be saved as a PSD or TIF/TIFF file.
  • Multi-color PSD, TIF/TIFF are acceptable but are not “OUTPUT READY” and will incur an art charge to generate “OUTPUT READY” art. (Our Minimum Art Charge is $25.00).
  • Photoshop art must be saved at your designs largest/final print size and at 300 DPI.
  • Photoshop color mode is RGB * Greyscale images are acceptable for recreating/generating one color art (art charges apply)
  • Do Not Flatten Photoshop files – In order for us to use your Photoshop files all layers must be intact/retained (Channel Separated/Spot Channel files are preferred for generating spot color heat transfer art).


Popular Image File Formats that are viewable but are not “OUTPUT READY”: BMP, DOCX, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PPS, PPT, QUARK, WMF and XLS. *One color GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNGfiles may be useable for one color art recreation if the file is sent at the designs largest/final print size, at 300 DPI. If your file does not meet our specifications it can however be used for Visual Reference (only). Most Images taken from a website or the internet are low resolution files that cannot be accepted as “OUTPUT READY”. Web images require art preparation to make them useable (art charges apply). Art that is created in Microsoft Office and/or Word, Power Point, Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Docx, PPS, PPT, WMF, WPS Word Perfect and XLS are never usable and will not be accepted

Don’t have the proper format?

No Problem!   Send us what you have an we will have our artists convert it to the required Vector format at  $25 per logo.

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