Curling Starter Pack Deal

Are you just getting involved in curling?   Or,  maybe you know someone that is just starting out.

Whether your a junior or an adult,  starting curling is always a good thing!   Curling is a lifetime sport,  you can play at any level from starter fun leagues,  club leagues to competitive,  it is a sport for life.

We have packaged together some starter curling items that you will need to get started,  a curling brush, a slider and a slip on gripper.  You will need to provide your own “clean” flat soled running shoes.  (if you like the game,  you can buy some curling shoes later!)

The curling brush…  this is what you use to help you maintain balance on delivery and what you use to sweep the curling stones down the ice.   Also comes in handy for something to lean on at the side of the rink :).   The brush we have included is a basic starter brush,  it has a fixed head (doesn’t pivot),  the brush handle is made of fibreglass (yup wood handles are a thing of the past),  the brush head is replaceable with the most common oval brush head.     Included –  Olson Broomstick,  available in junior (6″ shorter)  or full size.

Also included is a slip-on slider,  you will need to wear this when you deliver the curling stone,  this helps you slide with the curling rock as you deliver.  Included – Tournament Sports full slip-on slider.

The last item is the curling slip on gripper,  this item is put on your non-sliding foot and grips the curling ice to give you some traction and safe footing on the ice.  Included –   Tournament Gripper.

These three items together normally sell for $91.85

We want you to get into the sport so we have this package for you at $69.95    ,   saving $21.90

When you want to upgrade,  we have lots of better brushes,  curling shoes and accessories for you,  but for now,  this will get you started.


 Click on the image above,  then print the coupon and present the coupon to our sales staff.  Sorry,  in-store purchases only.   Limited time offer.

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