Curling Links

There are many interesting links about the sport of curling that curlers would be interested in, depending on their level of skill and experience, as well as their curiosity and passion for the game. Here are some examples:

  • If you are a beginner or want to learn more about the basics of curling, you might want to check out the Curling Tips page from CurlManitoba, which provides some useful information on curling lingo, etiquette, equipment, and delivery. You can also watch some videos from the Getting Started in Curling Program by Curling Canada, which will help you understand how to deliver a stone and sweep effectively.
  • If you are an intermediate or advanced curler and want to improve your strategy and technique, you might want to read the Curling 101: Strategy and techniques article from NBC Olympics, which explains the different types of shots, the roles of each player, and the basic principles of strategy. You can also visit the Cincinnati Curling Club – Curling 101 page, which offers some tips and tricks on how to make your game fun and respectful, as well as some common mistakes to avoid.
  • If you are a fan or enthusiast of curling and want to learn more about the history and facts of the sport, you might want to browse the 10 Cool Facts About Curling article from Mental Floss, which covers some interesting topics such as the origin of curling, the material of curling stones, the language of curling, and the Olympic debut of curling. You can also explore the Fun facts about one of Canada’s favourite winter sports — curling! blog from CBC Kids, which shares some fun facts such as the world record for longest curling match, the highest score possible in an end, and the medals won by Canada in curling.
  • CurlManitoba, the provincial governing body for curling in Manitoba.
  • Curling Canada, the national governing body for curling in Canada.
  • Manitoba Curling Tour, a collection of competitive men’s and women’s bonspiels in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Junior Curling Tour, a series of events for junior curlers in Manitoba.
  • Grand Slam of Curling, a series of events featuring the top-ranked curling teams in the world.
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