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BalancePlus “700” Series Women’s Curling Shoes


New for 2020 is the 700 Series. The lightweight, flexible and breathable sport-style curling shoe is a great addition to the LiteSpeed collection of products. The 700 Series provides an ultra-comfortable design while incorporating many of the features that make BalancePlus footwear a favourite in curling. The phylon outsole and upper materials provide the “Lite”, while the BalancePlus Slider and LiteSpeed Coating provide the “Speed”.  Coloured trim and shoelaces to provide curlers with Options Galore.

700 Series Styles
700: Grippers on Both shoes
703: 3/16″  two piece BalancePlus Slider
704: 1/4″  two piece BalancePlus Slider

BalancePlus Women’s “400” Series Curling Shoes


The 400 Series women’s curling shoes incorporate a lightweight sole and a proven upper design that is perfect both the recreational and competitive curler.

400 Series Styles
400: Grippers on Both shoes * special order
401: 1/16″  two piece BalancePlus Stealth Slider
402: 1/8″  two piece BalancePlus Slider * special order
403: 3/16″ two piece BalancePlus Slider
404: 1/4″  two piece BalancePlus Slider

Women’s  Sizes 5 – 10,11

BalancePlus Women’s “500” Series Curling Shoes


The 500 Series curling shoes feature an ultra-light, multi-compound outsole. The shoes provide stability while throwing, and flexibility for walking comfort.

Removable insoles (foot-beds) are provided in two different designs to help achieve the proper fit of each foot.

500 Series Styles
500: Grippers on Both shoes
503: 3/16″  two piece BalancePlus Slider
504: 1/4″  two piece BalancePlus Slider

Please note:  This style is being discontinued,  stock is low,  please email us for availability prior to ordering to avoid disappointment.


BalancePlus “900” Series Women’s Curling Shoes


900 Series Women’s Curling Shoes.

The best of both worlds! The new 900 Series curling shoes have the combined benefits of the BalancePlus Delux and 700 Series curling shoes in an all-new lightweight, flexible and durable design. The 900 Series provides an ultra-comfortable leather design while incorporating many of the features that make BalancePlus footwear the favourite in curling. The phylon outsole makes the shoe lightweight and flexible, while both the BalancePlus Slider and full grain leather upper with leather inside lining provides the optimal stability and durability.  Includes lace covers and two-sets of insoles/footbeds which allow you to customize the fit of each shoe.

900 Series Styles
900: Grippers on Both shoes (Special Order, shipping will be delayed)
903: 3/16″ (4.76mm) two piece BalancePlus Slider (Special Order, shipping will be delayed)
904: 1/4″ (6.35mm) two piece BalancePlus Slider

BalancePlus Women’s “Delux” Curling Shoes


Delux curling shoes have been used to win more World Championships and Olympic Medals than all others combined. It continues to be the most popular curling shoe worn by highly competitive and professional curlers. Delux is the only welted constructed curling shoe. This shoe is a perfect symbol of the commitment we have to the sport as avid players of the game. Delux offers the best quality in curling footwear. We have searched and researched the industry to find the perfect shoe for our already renowned BalancePlus® Slider, and the results of that effort are shown here. We are very proud of this shoe, and feel that you’ll be just as excited about it each time you slide.

Please note:  We do not stock all size and slider combinations for the Delux curling shoes.   If we don’t have your selection in stock,  we will special order them for you,  delivery delay may apply.

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