BalancePlus RS SportLite Sleeves

$16.95 In stock
  • SportLiteAvailable in a wide variety of colours to make customizing your broom easy.
    Select LiteSpeed 7″ or LiteSpeed XL 9″ sizing.
    Choose your top colour and bottom colour to suit your taste! Available in SportLite RS and SportLite Plus RS.
  • Replacement sleeves for BalancePlus RS heads.


RS Sleeves (replacement sleeves) for RS faceplates.

The addition of the RS gives the curler the opportunity to use a variety of different brush heads for any given game, venue, ice surface or team construction.  These brush options within a team can also work in combination with each other, under such conditions to produce the best results.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions31 × 16 × 11 cm
Pad Colour

Plum, Blue, Lime, Pride, Fluor Orange, Pink, Red

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