Goldline Quantum Disk Sets



Disk Sets for the Goldline Quantum Curling Shoes – Sold in sets of 7 pcs.

Speed 7 Slider Disks – Teflon (Intermediate)

Speed 10 Slider Disks – Teflon (Competitive)


Gripper Disks – for your trailing shoe grip


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The Quantum integrated design system (I.D.S.) leaves behind the use of an adhesive to attach a slider and gripper to the sole of the shoe. The adhesive bond has been the standard for generations, however, in addition to delaminating problems, it has bound us to Teflon* as the only material that could be used as a slider. The Quantum employs an innovative mechanical attachment system wherein slider and gripper “disks” are snapped into strategically positioned receptacles in the sole. The advantages are numerous: ° The slider discs do not have to be bond-able or flexible, hence they can be machined from Teflon or stainless steel, each material offering different performance characteristics; ° The disks are easily changed. Simply snap out the old disk and snap in the new. Upgrading slider speed, replacing a damaged disk, accommodating preferences such as slider disks on the front and gripper disks on the back, and setting up for left-handers are all readily accomplished without pro-shop assistance; ° The disks will not fall out; ° The disk pattern creates a “Stability Channel” running the length of the shoe. This pattern focuses weight to the periphery of the sole, thereby widening the balance platform and increasing stability. The slider disks are available in various materials, each offering a different speed, while the gripper disk features a TPR rubber surface which affords optimal traction. The patented Quantum out-sole is featured on the Quantum line of curling shoes.

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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions31 × 16 × 11 cm
Quantum Disks

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