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The icePad complete brush comes with an ultra lightweight carbon fibre handle and the patent pending icePad head.

Match up with either a Pro Cover for non-sanctioned recreation club curling, or a MaxiM Cover that is WCF approved for all sanctioned and competitive events.

New! Handle Colors available in Chrome,  Chrome Blue,  Chrome Red,  Chrome Green in 1 1’8″ handles only.



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    Pro Cover - For non-sanctioned recreational club curling - long lasting fabric.

    MaxiM Cover - WCF Approved for all sanctioned and competitive events.  (adds $6.00)

    Top Colour / Bottom Colour

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The IcePad is truly the crowning achievement in brush head technology. Supreme brush head speeds born of relentless innovation and rigorous testing. If you want to make more quality shots, try one today and you’ll never go back.

Available in 1 inch and 1 1/8″ handles

The IcePad has taken the unprecedented step of throwing 200 years of curling belief out the window by asking one simple question – if the rock travels only on top of the pebble, why do we need to brush in between the pebble? The answer to this question is because up until now curlers had no choice. Current brushes on the market are made of foam or hair, which press down and surround the pebble, generating friction in areas where the rock has no contact. This wastes an incredible amount of energy on sweepers. The IcePad isolates the friction caused by brushing only where the rock has contact with the ice – on top of the pebble. This will produce better quality shots.

The IcePad has a less abrasive and long-lasting fabric that promotes less ice damage. The advanced waterproof material means your pad will last much longer than a regular pad. Current synthetic pads absorb water and wet pads lead to ineffective sweeping. When the IcePad cover gets dirty, simply take off the cover, wash it, and put it back on. When traditional pads get worn out, you have to replace the entire pad. With the IcePad, you simply replace the cover, at a significantly lower cost!

The IcePad also has a 360° pivoting head made of stainless steel parts and a virtually unbreakable plastic head for durability, and the lower profile lets you sweep closer to the rock than any other brush on the market.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions132 × 23 × 15 cm
Handle Size


Handle Colour

Evolution, Hydro, Phantom, Princess, Emerald, Mauve, Aqua, Vienna, Chrome, Chrome Blue, Chrome Green, Chrome Red, Chrome Mauve

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