Olson Mens` Rookie Bundle (New)

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Just getting into curling?

Here is a great starter package complete with a pair of curling shoes,  slip on gripper and curling brush.

Everything you need to get started.


Save over  $50

See Women’s Bundle Here!

Package includes Olson CROSSKICKS Blk/Grey curling shoes with 1/16″ split slider,  slip on Olson HEXA gripper to fit,  and a pivoting Olson PYRO FG curling brush.

  • *Crosskicks Blk/Grey Men`s Shoe Size (includes matching HEXA Gripper and PYRO FG Brush)

    Choose Men`s Sizes (available in right handed only)


Rookie Bundle includes:

  • Olson Men’s or Women’s Crosskicks Blk/Grey curling shoes with 1/16″ Split Slider,  great for a novice or beginner.  Reg. $169.95
  • Olson Black Hexa Gripper  (colours not included in this offer). Reg. $21.95
  • Olson Fiberglass PYRO curling brush with 360 degree pivot head. Reg. $79.95

Special Rookie Bundle Price –  $219.95   





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